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Tomas Marko Miljenovic

Biophysicist, software developer.

Welcome to my personal site. Here you will find some information about myself, and some of my projects and activities.

2009 Bachelor of Science (Honours), The University of Queensland
in Biophysics | Supervisor: Dr. Mehdi Mobli.
2006–2008 Bachelor of Science, The University of Queensland
with majors in Physics and Drug Design & Development
1999–2005 Senior Certificate, Villanova College
1994–1998 Robertson State School

2010—present Independent IT, R&D
Responsibilities Engaged as an independent software developer and consultant, with specialties including:
  • System administration and configuration
  • Web application development and maintenance
  • Legacy platform maintenance and transition
  • Trends and perceptions in open source technology
2007—2008 Bioinformaticist, database developer
Employer King Group, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Responsibilities Collaborative design and implementation of an online biological data bank. Personal responsibilities included:
  • Design of database and SQL implementation
  • Automated data mining and parsing
  • Liaising with external stakeholders and developer expertise
  • Initial web application development
For more information, please see http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2164/10/375#sec6
interm. Academic tutor/instructor
Responsibilities Various positions tutoring mathematics, chemistry and physical sciences.
2011–present Management Committee
Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc.
2010–present Parish Council
Our Lady of Protection, Eparchy of Ss. Peter and Paul
2008 Board of Studies
Physical Sciences, EPSA|BACS, The University of Queensland
2007–2008 Teaching & Learning Committee
School of Physical Sciences, The University of Queensland
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I am often asked what a biophysicist can do.
In additition to research particular to our discipline, I have worked or studied in the following allied fields:
  • Mathematics
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Physical chemistry
  • Venomics
  • Classical physics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Organic chemistry
  • Drug development
Biochemistry HPLC, protein expression/purification, SDS-PAGE, ELISA, chromatography
Microbiology Bacterial culturing, staining, typing, isolation etc.
Spectroscopy IR, UV, NMR, MS
Chemistry Standard organic and physical chemistry techniques
OH&S PC2, Laser (basic)
Non-exhaustive, please enquire about other techniques.

  • Qt Declarative (QML/JS), mobile and desktop
  • Perl (including PDL and BioPerl)
  • SQL (including MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Pascal (including Lazarus and Delphi, GLScene)
  • HTML (including HTML5) and CSS (2.x and 3)
  • MATLAB (and Octave)
  • LaTeX (and derivatives), Lilypond
Experience with
  • Qt/C++ (including Qt Mobile, Plasma)
  • JSP
  • C♯ (C#)
  • misc. shell
  • Linux-based (including Fedora, Red Hat, openSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Microsoft Windows (3.11–7, including XP, 98 and Vista)
  • Mac OS X (Server and desktop)
Experience with other UNIX-like, other Mac, DOS, Haiku/BeOS, Symbian
Scientific TALOS, RNMRTK, PyMOL, XEasy, nmrPipe, DS9, CCP4, Coot, PINE, UGENE, QUCS, MATLAB, PerlDL, SRS
Office/Productivity Microsoft Office (including Visio), OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, KOffice/Calligra, Lotus Symphony
Multimedia Kdenlive, Kino, Audacity, GIMP/CinePaint, Rosegarden, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius

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